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Izlaily Nurul Ain Hussein
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The 35-year-old art is sure to give bitter and sweet memories to Bandi Amuk.

Nasabandi's real name owner Friday is said to have been forgotten by the acidic salt and the prediction that has been preserved throughout the period.

After retiring from the Febians group, Bandi continued to make a name and was known as Bandi Amuk.

With face-mask images, Bandi is a real comforter with his appearance that uniquely identifies himself with the other artist.

Even if the name is still remembered, we rarely see the appearance of Bandi on television, even if the radio station is only her old song which is still reverberating.

Recognizing still active singing, a rock singer who is well known for the slogan 'Yeah Yeah' says, he still receives an invitation to stage performances.

Although at one point, we heard about Bandi who had migrated and learned religious knowledge, the father of these five children said it did not stop him singing.

In fact, he said, he also took the opportunity in every presentation to convey religious advice in its own way.

Unleashing the sad side of his life that once disrupted his focus in singing, Bandi said it happened when his fourth child, Muhammad Saiful Affique, 20, had a tumor on the back of the lungs.

However, no one could stop the power of God, nearly three years passed, his son was as healthy as ever.

For him, what happened actually gave him a fortune when he was introduced to the founder of a health-based company, RCC Global (M) Sdn Bhd, Azman Mohd Som.

The introduction with Azman led to Bandi's involvement in using the company's product of natural sweetener, stevia as one of the extra treatments for his son.

Finally, last August, Bandi with her red-faced appearance, was appointed an ambassador to the company by contracting for a year.

This is the first time Bandi has been a product ambassador since the birth of a child of art.

"Previously there was also a bid to become a product ambassador, but sometimes with my appearance, as it did not fit to market a product.

"However, in contrast to RCC Global (M) Sdn Bhd, when I received the offer not because of the money but because of the belief that it was a consumer of this product for a long time.

"At first I was just a member and invited to make a partnership about the goodness of this product after being used to my son, Alhamdulillah, last month, Azman offered me as the ambassador of this product.

"There are friends who say I can be a product ambassador? With a rocker appearance, masked again, promoting health products, seems unsuitable but my image is not a barrier.

"For me, health is an added priority with my child's experience. Therefore in every presentation, besides the message do not leave the prayer, I will remind you to be healthy, "he said when met in Johor Bahru, recently.

Seven years of quitting smoking

Besides her son who was the reason she accepted the offer, the lack of awareness on health among Malaysians was also the reason why Bandi wanted to help in giving awareness on the importance of maintaining health.

He admitted that he had been smoking for seven years when he thought about his health, and with the age of 53, it was time to invite people to take care not only for the elderly, but for the younger.

Meanwhile, Azman, who is also CEO of RCC Global (M) Sdn Bhd, said the rock singer as the company's product ambassador was seen as nothing wrong, rather than looking at the message to the public.

"For me, we can not judge someone from the outside. Not necessarily rock is just negative. Not all rockers are so.

"They should be given the opportunity. Bandi also for me, his easy-to-use criterion makes me excited to be a company product ambassador.

"Bandi is a sincere and sincere worker, and he is very concerned about health," he said.

Do not want to create an album again

Talking about his latest development, Bandi said he is still in the mood for a stage show invitation, as well as in discussions to release a new song published by a Singaporean composer.

"Recently there was a Singaporean composer who wanted me to sing his new song a rock song, but I still have not confirmed it.

"He asked for the new song and for me the melodies were delicious, but I wanted to sing according to my style. That can not be changed.

"Now, if people ask me to make an album I do not want to be selling hard. I also do not want to make a single, but every time I make a show I still hear my old song.

"Insya-Allah, I will think about the latest single," he said, which has 13 albums with Amuk since 1998.