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Mrs Zalila Binti Omar

Sungai Petani, Kedah

Thanks to RCC for giving me a chance to share my experience What I would like to share is simply my sincere story. What is good can be made a lesson. I am a fulltime housewife. My husband was formerly an ice cream peddler. On the intent of lessening his burden, I once worked as a factory operator, a McDonalds cashier, part time bathroom concierge and many more for the sake of Halal sustenance. I apologize as I have truly never been involved in Malay companies seriously because I had no faith in Bumiputera companies at the time. Then on April of 2013, I was introduced by an associate on FB about a Bumiputera company which had just started their operations. I met my FB associate who was the owner of the company. On May 2013, Allah s.w.t enlightened me to attend the first seminar at Sg. Petani, Kedah. At that time, the company announced the launch of a new product as a substitute to sugar called ‘Royal Stevia Sweetener’ (the name at the time). Since then, I could not wait for the launching of the product which was on June 2013. To me, Malaysians love sweetness and unfortunately, that sweetness(sugar) could also be a poison. RCC is one of the Bumiputera company which has alerted me that Malays are not what they used to be. Not all Malays could be trusted. However, some Malays are principled and can be trusted in the business world and they can compete in a healthy way against non-Bumiputera companies. Now, 3 years have passed and praise to Allah, I am still with RCC. It was not simply money that I was after but the calmness, tranquillity that I have sought for, I found it here. With RCC we can invest our stock in both ways whether in worldly investments or hereafter. Praise to Allah, in the first 18 months, I was able to generate an revenue of the first RM 1 Million, free monthly car instalments once every 6 months, 8 free Umrah tickets, free petrol vouchers worth more than RM 40k, jewellery, and an income of RM 100k per month. Also, as a result from business with RCC, I was able to buy 3 houses in cash and a shophouse which I made into my business office and storage till now. Apart from that, my husband and I are very grateful to receive monthly royalty(pensions) with up to 5 digits every month. I hope that sharing this can be inspirational for the women and housewives who had failed in life before to rise up and change their lives. Finally, thank you very much to the people who had given me that chance, my fellow comrades, and let us not forget RCC for preparing such a splendid platform.


Md Roshidi Mat & Mrs Hanizatun'in

Sungai Petani, Kedah

I joined RCC on 9th Oct 2013 with only the GOLD PACKAGE. Started being actively involved after the first seminar at Sg. Petani on 30th Dec 2013. With only a low modal of RM 140 , the generated income of maximum RM 1,800 a day interested me. Beginning Jan 2014 the proceeds were around RM 5,000 per month, Feb 2014 RM 6,000 per month, March 2014 RM 8,000 per month, April 2014 RM 12,000 per month, and on the fifth month it reached around RM 50k per month. A chance not worth letting go since the product is also one of the best. On the fifth month I was also entitled to the FIRST free Umrah ticket. Throughout Dec 2014, the revenue for 1 account had reached RM 1800 per day. Praise to Allah, on the 2nd year, I managed to redeem points for my first LUXURY car which is a TOYOTA VELLFIRE, 3 UMRAH TICKETS, RM 13,000 PETROL VOUCHERS, GOLD BRACELET, GOLD BAR and many more. In a period of less than 2 years, the total income in an account reached more than RM 1.5 million. The dream to renovate my house was also achieved fully on May 2016 with expenditures up to RM 150,000 one hundred percent outcome of business chance with RCC GLOBAL (M) SDN BHD. Praise to Allah, other than that we also revel in royalty @ Pensions monthly with 5 digits every month. Thank you so very much Sir CEO Mr. Azman, Sir Tajul Asmawee, and Mrs. Zalila Omar. Not to forget the people who had given me this chance earlier on Sir Hasmawee and TokArt.

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