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Stevia is a genus for 150 species of herbs from the Sunflower family (Astereacea). In Malaysia it is also called the Sugar Tree and is believed to be a remedy for diabetes

The most commonly used stevia is from the species Rebaudiana. Other names include candy leaf, sweet leaf, sugar leaf, and sweet herb.



Common name = Stevia

Scientific name = Stevia Rebaudiana

Other names = Sweet tea, sweet leaf, sugar leaf, sweet herb, sweet leaf of Paraguay, azucacaa, eira-caa, caa -he ee, kaa jheee, ca-ajhei, and ca-a-yupi

Synonym = Eupatorium Rebaudianum capim doce, erva doce, sweet herb, honey yerba, honeyleaf, yaa waan, candy leaf, and sugar leaf

Family = Astereacea

Origin = Paraguay


Stevia is the only natural sugar or sweetener without calorie. Thus, it is convenient for diabetics and people who suffer from obesity.